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3 Expert Strategies to Transform Your Certification Training Course with an LMS

The right LMS can transform your certification training course through varied course content, adaptive pathways, and effective data analysis.

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How to Improve Learner Engagement in Your Online Test Prep Training Course

How can a Learning Management System (LMS) form the basis for increased learner engagement? These strategies will help improve your online test prep training programs.

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Unpacking Different Question Types on BenchPrep’s Learning Platform

When learners are studying for important entrance, licensing, and credentialing exams, experience matters. A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work. Learners need variety to help them retain complex information, so if you want to help them get ready for the test as effectively and efficiently as possible, you must keep your courses and practice tests fresh and engaging.

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4 Ways to Grow Your Credentialing Programs

With monumental shifts in the workforce and education over the last three years, learners, educators, and learning businesses alike are demanding tools and platforms that promote deep knowledge attainment to offer more equitable opportunities, upskill or reskill their workforce, help retain talent, and more.

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New Product Feature: Open-ended Questions for Effective Assessment

Sometimes multiple choice questions just don’t cut it.

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5 Ways an LMS Can Supercharge Your Test Prep Program

Remember when studying for a test like the ACT or SAT meant cramming information from textbooks? Or endless practice tests with the answers in small print at the back? Not anymore.