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Micro-Credentials: Do's and Don’ts for Your Association

Could associations take a page out of higher ed’s playbook? Like associations, higher ed also offers continuing education opportunities. In recent years, universities have begun to partner with online platforms to provide on-demand, flexible micro-credentials.

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4 Ways to Improve Adoption of Your Digital Education Program

In the era of remote work, digital education programs are even more important for an organization’s success. But for a program to be successful, it needs to be adopted by educators and learners. You might struggle to get educators or learners to adopt digital education because they have physical classroom content, but no online content; they are less tech-savvy or maybe just certain members overall are less engaged. 

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Want to Drive Growth? Go Deep With Your Customer Training

Customers aren’t just a transaction to B2B software and consulting services. They’re your most important asset.

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What is Adaptive Learning and Why Busy Professionals Need It to Succeed

Online learning used to mean only one kind of course — the click-through kind, where every learner has the same lesson experience, then they answer the same questions in the same order.

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How to Find Your Learning Program Data Goldmine

Big data promises to save companies millions. There’s a catch, though: You need to have the right vision. 

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7 Steps to Use Data and Learning Science for a Slam Dunk Learning Program [Webinar Recap]

Over the last year, all eyes have been on digital learning as organizations quickly transitioned their learning and training programs online due to the pandemic. Now, nearly a full year later, program leaders are looking back at the efficacy and results of their eLearning programs to better understand what worked vs. what didn’t.