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4 Easy Ways to Improve the ROI of Your Association’s LMS

You bought a learning management system (LMS) to store all of your association’s educational products.

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Powering the New World of Digital Learning

Leading education and training companies are constantly seeking for ways to help learners succeed, increase high margin revenue, and improve participation rates.  In conjunction with these high-stake goals, they are are also striving to keep up with the needs of today’s modern learners and their expectations for strong digital experiences.

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Course Spotlight: 3 Reasons to Rethink Credentialing Prep for Time-Strapped Professionals

For today’s workforce, learning is a lifelong process. Whether these workers need a license to practice in a certain field or are pursuing a certificate to advance their career, credentialing exams are a part of the modern professional journey. While these learners have traditionally had to squeeze prep classes into their packed schedules, the shift toward digital learning is making credentialing prep more accessible, convenient, and effective.

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5 Education Trends That Should Worry Professional Associations (And What to Do About Them)

Once the singular source for cutting-edge knowledge in their arenas, today’s associations are battling membership loss and declining sponsorship revenues. To cope, associations must reach above and beyond member expectations. Paying close attention—and adapting to—these trends will help keep associations relevant and able to meet their members’ needs.

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3 Reasons Why Associations Need to Offer Competency-Based Learning

Learning and education continue to be on the list of chief offerings for professional associations. The face of that education has evolved as professionals are eager to seek resources needed to take the next step in their careers. Member engagement strategies focused on e-learning and competency-based models will not only make learning opportunities more affordable for associations and more convenient for their members/learners, they also create new opportunities for the way education is approached and assessed.

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