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What is Adaptive Learning? — For Corporate L&D

Online learning used to mean only one kind of course — the click-through kind, where every learner has the same lesson experience, then they answer the same questions in the same order.

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7 Steps to Use Data and Learning Science for a Slam Dunk Learning Program [Webinar Recap]

Over the last year, all eyes have been on digital learning as organizations quickly transitioned their learning and training programs online due to the pandemic. Now, nearly a full year later, program leaders are looking back at the efficacy and results of their eLearning programs to better understand what worked vs. what didn’t.

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What is Microlearning? Why You Need it in 2021

“Hey Google, who played Batman first?”

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5 Tips to Improve Learner Engagement with Continuous Learning

Once upon a time, you went to school, earned a degree, got a job, worked for a few decades, and then you retired. For today’s workforce, this is a fairytale. Learning is no longer constrained to formal education settings; it’s a lifelong endeavor.

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Learning Science Lessons for an Impactful Learning Program Webinar Recap

Continuous, lifelong learning is imperative in keeping skills updated in today’s economy. To support these initiatives, there are several learning sciences you can integrate within your learning programs to ensure success for your learners. Even though many organizations are aware of these learning sciences, many are unsure how to turn these sciences into successful and profitable eLearning products.

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How to Effectively Educate Through Microlearning

Everyone talks about the benefits of microlearning, but what do amazing microlearning modules look like?

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