Grow Your Knowledge Garden: Introducing BenchPrep’s “Spring into Learning” Event Blog Feature

Grow Your Knowledge Garden: Introducing BenchPrep’s “Spring into Learning” Event

As spring unfurls its greenery, we're reminded of the cycles of growth that govern not just nature, but our professional landscapes as well. The buds breaking through the soil mirror the continual emergence of new skills and knowledge necessary in today's ever-evolving job market. It's not only a season of rejuvenation for the earth but an opportune moment for revitalizing our learning programs.

We recognize that the journey from pre-assessment to post-assessment is more than a path—it's an evolving ecosystem where each step forward is cultivated through a commitment to lifelong learning. Our "Spring into Learning" event is our invitation to you, to cultivate that ecosystem with us.

What is “Spring into Learning”?

To recognize the importance and value of lifelong learning in the professional space, we’ve crafted an engaging calendar of events with each week focused on a different part of the learning journey:

Spring Into Learning Virtual Events

The next two months will be brimming with opportunities for growth, featuring insightful webinars, interactive virtual office hours with BenchPrep’s executives, engaging and educational content on LinkedIn, and an array of resources tailored to support learning organizations and their lifelong learners. We encourage you to participate, share with colleagues, and continue to learn with us!  

Welcome to "Spring into Learning," where the journey of lifelong learning is perennial, and every learner’s potential is waiting to bloom.

Key Events:

[Virtual Office Hours] A CEO’s Transformative Tips for Growth-Driving, Revenue-Boosting Learning Programs

Thursday, April 11th, at 12 pm CDT
Creating a learning program that is successful for both your learners and your business is paramount. Join Ashish Rangnekar, CEO & Co-Founder of BenchPrep, as he shares invaluable insights and strategies for crafting learning programs that not only drive growth but also elevate revenue streams, drawing from years of experience and success in the industry.

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[Webinar] Sow the Seeds of Success: 5 Tips to Create Stand-out Learning and Practice Products

Thursday, April 18th, at 12 pm CDT
Join Emily Leary, VP of Professional Services at BenchPrep, and Kevin Korinek, Sr. Director of Customer Success at BenchPrep, as they plant the seeds of success with five essential tips for developing learning and practice products that captivate and engage with your audience. Join us as we explore strategies to cultivate thriving educational ecosystems, nurturing growth and innovation within your organization.

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[Virtual Office Hours] Tips For Learning and Leveraging AI

Thursday, April 25th, at 1 pm CDT
Explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence with Mukesh Pitroda, Sr. Director of Product Management at BenchPrep, and Ujjwal Gupta, CPO & Co-Founder of BenchPrep, as they provide guidance and best practices on harnessing AI for both professional and personal applications. 

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[Product Demo] Charting Your Path to Success: Mastering Continuing Education with the Right LM

Thursday, May 2nd, at 12 pm CDT
Embark on a journey towards continuing education excellence with Stephanie Frankel, Enterprise Account Executive at BenchPrep, and David Rossi, Sr. Technical Product Owner at BenchPrep, as they demonstrate the power of the right LMS in charting a course toward professional growth and success. In this product demo webinar, you’ll see first-hand why some of the world’s leading associations and credentialing bodies trust BenchPrep to power their certification and continuing education programs.

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[Webinar] Unlocking Growth Opportunities: Navigating the Four Stages of Lifelong Learning

Thursday, May 9th, at 11 am CDT
Join BenchPrep's esteemed leaders—Ashish Rangnekar, CEO & Co-Founder, Ujjwal Gupta, CPO & Co-Founder, and Kevin Korinek, Sr. Director of Customer Success—for an illuminating discussion on navigating the four stages of the lifelong learning journey, uncovering key growth opportunities, and charting a course towards sustained success in today's dynamic educational landscape.

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How Else Can I Spring into Learning with BenchPrep?

As we sow the seeds of knowledge together this spring, we’re not just nurturing skills—we’re cultivating a community committed to the ethos of lifelong learning. Dive in, explore, and let's grow together. For more Spring into Learning content, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog for all of the latest content.

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