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How ABA Created a 5-Step Framework to Better Prepare Candidates for Exam Day

The American Bankers Association (ABA) has long been a powerhouse in the world of banking education, and for good reason. With a history dating back to 1875, the ABA has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of over 2 million bankers across financial institutions of all sizes.

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Ready to Invest in a New LMS? Pump the Brakes.

It’s been in your viewfinder for a while now. Your certification training program needs a new learning management system (LMS).

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Cultivating Success: How to Measure the Value and ROI of Certification Training

Measuring the value and return on investment (ROI) of certification training programs is a critical undertaking for organizations today. As the importance of certifications grows, so does the need to accurately assess the impact and effectiveness of these programs. However, many organizations face challenges when it comes to measuring the value and ROI of their certification training initiatives.

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Leaning into Learning Tech: How ABEM is Transforming Certification for Healthcare Professionals

Did you know that people in America go to the emergency department 150 million times each year? Research shows that nearly 80% of surveyed adults prefer a physician to lead their medical care in an emergency, compared to a registered nurse (85%), nurse practitioner (6%), or physician assistant (5%). But in an emergency, there's no time for doubt. It's important to trust that loved ones are being treated by a board-certified emergency physician who has demonstrated knowledge and competence in Emergency Medicine.

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Eliminating Barriers to Certification Completion: How the Right LMS Can Help

Certification completion can be an uphill battle for many candidates due to various barriers, such as insufficient resources, lack of preparedness, and elevated stress levels. A 2020 research study on student perceptions of barriers to professional exam success shows that those who passed their exam attribute their accomplishment to beneficial tools such as purchased review manuals and online exam simulators. These tools included practice questions, quizzes, and other interactive components and proved more effective than their own notes and materials. Unsuccessful respondents, in turn, cited feeling unprepared and distressed as reasons for their lack of achievement.

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A Deep Dive Into Certification Training Growth Challenges for Associations

Amidst the obstacles that associations have encountered in recent years, their focus remains on surmounting significant growth challenges. Many organizations have witnessed a decline in membership and renewals, presenting hurdles that need to be addressed. However, there is optimism for the future. According to the Membership Marketing Benchmark Report, in 2022, only 33% of associations reported a decrease in membership, while 38% experienced growth, indicating a positive trend.