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All You Need To Know About BenchPrep Engage Office Hours Recap

Our data shows that learners average 98% fewer sessions in a learning platform after they complete their study plan. Couple that with the forgetting curve, which shows that without repetition, people immediately begin to forget what they’ve learned, and businesses and eLearning enthusiasts alike have a real problem on their hands.

Blog Feature

How to Design Content for a Successful eLearning Program Office Hours Recap

The modern learner has changed drastically over time. They are often distracted, overwhelmed, and impatient. In a digital environment, there is a lot of noise happening. So much so, that people unlock their smartphones up to 9 times every hour. So, what does this mean in terms of how we design our learning programs?

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How to Drive Revenue for Your Learning Program Office Hours Recap

Your learners are looking to you for everything they need, from training to lifelong learning to certifications. Yet many organizations that provide learning and development are unsure how to turn their learning programs into profitable eLearning products.

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5 Storytelling Secrets to Power Your Learning Business with Data Webinar Recap

Learning professionals are seeking creative ways to keep their business afloat, and, in order to do this, they’re taking a deep dive into their learning program data. But, data is just a collection of numbers, right? This is why many professionals are turning to the powerful tool of storytelling.

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How to Market Your Learning Program Office Hours Recap

Developing successful eLearning courses for your audience is the focal point for many companies, but it’s only half the battle. To run an effective learning business, you need to know to be a marketer. Marketing your learning programs helps create a culture of continuous learning, and that turns into consistent demand for your organization or products.

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BenchPrep’s Month of Learning: Learn How To Thrive In a Virtual World

It’s a common misconception that learning stops after you graduate from school or finish a course, but the reality is we are learning every day. Whether you know it or not, learning is essential to our existence. It is important to continue to learn and build skills that make us better individuals and team members and help us stay competitive in the modern economy. 

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