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Remote Training: Transform Social Distancing into Social Learning

To keep everyone safe we’ve been asked to do something unprecedented — to stay home. 

Blog Feature

How to Pivot to Digital Education [Talented Learning Podcast]

Associations, credentialing bodies, and training organizations are shifting their current learning methods into a digital-first strategy due to the worldwide crisis. In a recent podcast with John Leh from Talented Learning, BenchPrep’s CEO Ashish Rangnekar shares strategies and best practices on how to pivot to digital education. 

Blog Feature

Quickly Take Your Learning Program Virtual in 5 Steps [Webinar Recap]

In light of the current landscape, many organizations are faced with digitally transforming their learning programs to meet learners’ needs. Organizations are open to using technology to fast-track their digital transformation more than ever, but many are confused about where to begin. 

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3 Lessons Learning Professionals Can Take Away From SNL's Remote Episode

One important lesson we can learn from COVID-19 is that life keeps moving forward, and so do we. You have seen this with schools worldwide taking classes online, companies working remotely, and local businesses shifting to a virtual first model. 

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3 Phases To Designing For Success in the Current E-learning Landscape

Due to COVID-19 there's a resurgence of interest in online learning, and many organizations are rushing to launch or expand their e-learning efforts. At the same time, the needs and expectations of today’s learners have drastically changed as they look for a personalized learning experience that is accessible to them any time and anywhere. 

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How Digital Learning Fills The Gap Left By COVID-19

For the time being, companies across the country (and the world!) are canceling events, moving colleges online, closing schools, and embracing remote work in response to COVID-19.

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