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How to Reboot Your Recertification Process, Increase Revenue, and Boost Learner Engagement

Thomas Reilly, VP of Learning at CompTIA, joined BenchPrep CEO Ashish Rangnekar to present at digitalNow in Austin, TX. Lifelong learning has become an economic imperative for professionals. Millennials are expected to hold more than a dozen jobs throughout their careers and because of this, they cite training and development as their #1 job benefit (ahead of items like flexible work hours and cash benefits).

Blog Feature

Enriching the Candidate Experience: How A Learning Ecosystem Benefits Candidates, Their Employers, And Your Certification Program

Ashish Rangnekar, CEO at BenchPrep, and Barbara Petitt, Head of Curriculum & Learning Experience at CFA Institute, presented at ATP's Innovations in Testing conference. In the past, few credentialing organizations played a role in the candidate learning experience. With many dealing with scrutiny over the value of testing now, learning programs are starting to be utilized as innovative tools to provide clear value to candidates, employers, and organizations. During Innovations in Testing 2018 conference, CFA Institute and BenchPrep explored the effects of learning on testing program stakeholders through a case study on CFA's approach to building a learning ecosystem, and then analyzed the impact of the launched project.