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Give Your Course Designers More Control with BenchPrep Milestones

Earlier this year, we released Milestones in the BenchPrep platform to give course designers more control over how learners consume content. For example, course designers can use Milestones to prevent learners from taking a particular exam until they also complete certain lessons. In this case, completing those lessons is a Milestone a learner must achieve before they have access to the exam. This blog post offers a deep dive into the benefits of Milestones and covers the most common use cases.

Blog Feature

BenchPrep Engage Deep Dive - Configuring Your Content Distribution

If you run a learning program, you know how powerful it is to keep your learners engaged with your online content. Not only do learners achieve greater levels of success, but your learning business continues to grow. According to our data, however, learners average 98% fewer sessions in a learning platform after they complete their study plan.