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3 Key Learning Platform Features to Drive Retention for PHR Candidates

There’s no such thing as a full-time PHR preparation course. Aspiring PHR certificants can’t just pull themselves out of the workforce for a few weeks or months to devote themselves to study. If they want to prepare for a PHR certification, they’ll have to make time to do so in-between meeting the demands of their full-time jobs and answering the responsibilities of their full-time lives. 

Blog Feature

Key Features for Selecting a Channel Partner LMS

Channel partners are a dream come true—you generate revenue off of someone else’s sale without any work.

Blog Feature

Digital Transformation of Learning Series: Part 2 - Executing on Your Digital Learning Vision

In part one of this blog series, we covered the strategy for implementing your digital transformation plan. As you move between in-person training, virtual instructor-led training, self-paced instruction, and continuous lifelong career learning, it’s important to remember that the massive, digital change you bring to your organization will open possibilities for your learning program (and your business) that would never be possible in a traditional model. 

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Adaptive eLearning: Sorting Content for Personalized Learning Pathways

It’s evident that everyone in the tech world is obsessed with data: it is the fuel behind the ad you just saw and the email you just received. It’s how Facebook knows who your friends might be or how Amazon knows the shampoo you like. It can be creepy, but data is powerful.

Blog Feature

Adaptive eLearning: How to Leverage Content For a Personalized Study Plan

In Part 1 of our two-part series on BenchPrep’s adaptive learning technology, I explained how we rank our content based on importance and difficulty using the data we collect using a process we call Learning Engine Optimization (LEO).

Blog Feature

Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Test Prep Company’s Ecommerce Storefront

Test Prep used to just be selling a study guide or two. Luckily, we’ve come a long way from those days. You can now sell simulated practice exams, adaptive learning courses, microlearning modules, gamified experiences, and, as always, the old-school textbook (available as a pdf, of course). 

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