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Lessons Learned While Launching a Learning Platform in 9 Months

From start to finish in 9 months, Richardson reinvented their go-to-market strategy with what they coined the Richardson Learning Architecture based on a new platform which enabled a plethora of new competitive capabilities. This reignited Richardson’s 40+ year history in delivering compelling sales training to be as nimble as a startup.

Blog Feature

A Guide to Help Identify 4 Common Learning Management System Issues

If you’re having issues with your current learning management solution, you’re not alone. Often, organizations trust LMS solutions that offer some, but not all, of the benefits they need. Using the wrong learning platform is a misplaced investment in a solution that will continue to miss the mark on the results you are looking for.  

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3 Keys to Overcoming Employee Turnover with Comprehensive Learning Solutions

A How-To Guide for Corporate Businesses and Associations Can you confidently state that your employees feel fulfilled in their role? Are they challenged to continue to learn and grow? Statistics prove that more and more employees are becoming restless in their roles. For instance, did you know that 87% of today’s workforce feels disengaged at the office? Because of this, companies can lose up to $10 million annually to workplace inefficiency. Though your business may find top talent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain the talent over years to come. A lot of this stems from inadequate learning opportunities. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to help overcome employee turnover.

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