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Ashish Rangnekar

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What's Next for Digital Transformation in Learning? BenchPrep's CEO Weighs In

Learning businesses don’t exist in a vacuum — they’re driven by the needs of the society around them. Right now, we’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Not surprisingly, the way we learn is also changing.

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How Unbundled Learning Is Reshaping Associations: A Trends Discussion

Modern professional associations exist to establish standards of knowledge and excellence and to develop learning pathways that permit members to acquire, develop, and perfect that knowledge and achieve that excellence. 

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7 Things Training Professionals Can Learn From MOOCs

I wrote this article nearly 3 years ago about the evolution of MOOCs and their impact on the learning space.  As it turns out, we’ve seen this trend continue to grow today. Over the past 8 years, the MOOCs landscape has grown to include 9,400 courses, 500+ MOOC-based credentials, and more than a dozen graduate degrees.  MOOCs have increasingly become a viable training option and have had a sizable impact on training organization’s ability to efficiently and cost effectively train their professionals.  

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5 Education Trends That Should Worry Professional Associations (And What to Do About Them)

Once the singular source for cutting-edge knowledge in their arenas, today’s associations are battling membership loss and declining sponsorship revenues.

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3 Reasons Why Associations Should Offer Competency-Based Learning

Many professionals join associations for their educational opportunities. And, currently, many associations remain rooted in "knowledge-based learning" which focuses on what someone "knows" about their profession/knowledge area. It comes from formal education and isn't always the best approach.

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3 Keys to Overcoming Employee Turnover with Comprehensive Learning Solutions

A How-To Guide for Corporate Businesses and Associations Can you confidently state that your employees feel fulfilled in their role? Are they challenged to continue to learn and grow? Statistics prove that more and more employees are becoming restless in their roles. For instance, did you know that 87% of today’s workforce feels disengaged at the office? Because of this, companies can lose up to $10 million annually to workplace inefficiency. Though your business may find top talent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain the talent over years to come. A lot of this stems from inadequate learning opportunities. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to help overcome employee turnover.