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3 Ways Your Current LMS Provider Is Failing You

A poor learning management system can affect your business in multiple ways. It could be costing you money, top talent, and potential ROI. It’s important to understand the different ways your LMS provider can be bringing your company down. Explore these three ways your current LMS could be holding your learners back.

1. Your Current LMS Lacks Customization Capabilities

In the same way that not every office space is functional for every team, an off-the-shelf, stock LMS might fall short for your team’s specific learning needs, too. Does your current LMS offer customization options in these three areas?

Blended Learning

In-person instruction doesn’t necessarily have to go out the window when you’re using an e-learning solution. However, many LMS options don’t accommodate for or integrate well into classroom settings. Blending learning is an effective way to appeal to learners who want to have the convenience of an online solution while still taking advantage of the personal interactions that happen in a lecture-based learning environment.

Blending learning goes beyond simply bringing your laptop to a training session and working on lessons there. Instead, you should be looking for learning solutions that offer supplemental learning material that complements what happens in the classroom. Think of digital resources like:

  • Webinars
  • Video tutorials
  • Pre-recorded lessons
  • Digital discussion boards
  • Supplemental readings and assessments


Is your LMS stuck in the past, with simple screens and multiple choice questions to click through, leaving your learners bored? In the same way that you may be quick to leave a website that looks outdated, you’ll also be quick to lose interest in an LMS that doesn’t meet the expectations of today’s tech savvy users.

Gamification is one way to both engage employees and improve the user experience. But, many LMS options are stuck in the past. It’s time for your company to join the ranks of global industry leaders. Currently, 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies plan to leverage gamification to increase employee engagement. And, more than half – 53% – of technology stakeholders believe that gamification will be widespread by 2020. Gamification isn’t just a learning development trend that’s going away. It’s a learning movement that will only become more prominent in upcoming years.

You need a solution that goes beyond the rudimentary designs of traditional LMS options, and provides out-of-the-box gamification. When you adopt the right solution, look for employees that are more engaged with and excited about the material.

Remediation Plans

No learner is alike. The strengths of one are the weaknesses of another. Having a stagnant, non-customizable solution won’t yield the results you want from a traditional LMS.

Remediation plans weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each learner, offering material that puts greater emphasis on areas where they’re not as proficient as others. Doing this process manually takes a lot of time and effort from your instructors, managers, or administrators. However, there are options that can take the responsibility of crafting customized plans for each student off your shoulders.

With solutions that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional LMS, your learners will benefit from remediation paths that are based on their specific needs and personal assessments. It’s a way of providing custom, private coaching for each learner.

2. Your Administrative Team Can’t Easily Use Your LMS

Another party to consider in addition to your learners is your administrators. They use your LMS solution as much as the learners do, just in a different way.

If your LMS doesn't offer the following administrative capabilities, it could be time to look for a new solution.

The Ability to Scale

Many companies get stuck with an LMS that worked for them at the time of adoption but no longer meets their needs. Maybe they grew or changed their business model. Regardless of what changes your company goes through, you need a learning solution that can scale to meet your needs. Otherwise, you’re pouring thousands of dollars into a solution, without yielding a high return on your investment. Or, maybe you’re sticking with your solution because you don’t want to pay high fees to break your contract.

Regardless of the reason, if your LMS can’t scale to match your needs, it’s time to move on to a new more innovative solution. Scalability is key, and it means more than just adding more users as needed. If the scope of your learning needs have changed, you need a solution that can change and evolve with them.

Project Management

Your administrators should be able to effectively manage training, so that your employees can meet their goals. Is your current LMS supporting or hindering their project management efforts? They need visibility into each learners progress, including insights that go beyond who has completed which lesson. They need to know areas where users are succeeding and struggling so they can take steps to support them through their e-learning journey.

Reporting is another important aspect of project management. Learners’ performance goes beyond simple test scores. For administrators to have a clear picture of a learning solution’s impact, they need performance reporting that shows learner proficiency in different areas, pointing out strengths that can be used in the workplace and weaknesses that can be addressed by additional training.

3. Your LMS Doesn’t Provide Superior Customer Service

You never want to call customer support to be stuck on the line waiting for an extended period of time. And, when your learners need to use your LMS, you need a supportive provider that is easily accessible. You should know how to navigate your LMS and the ways in which you and your administrators can leverage it to its full capacity.

First, you need access to expert knowledge. You’re not just looking for an LMS provider; you’re looking for an advisor who can partner with your company to craft a learning solution that’s ideal for your needs. They should be the experts in their field, demonstrating a willingness to collaborate with you on any need you have and develop a solution.

Maybe you want a specific feature designed to better educate your learners, like an idea for a new learning game or an interactive chat on live training sessions. With the right provider, they can work with you to make these ideas a reality, giving your users the best learning experience possible.

For example, it’s estimated that by the end of 2017, 98% of all organizations used video-based training programs for their digital learning initiatives. Knowing when and how to incorporate video into your courses can seem complex. However, as the professional learning environment rapidly changes and video drives engagement, the support of a strong learning platform provider can ensure you're up-to-date on how to implement the most effective learning modules and features.  

Also, you need a provider that offers training sessions, whether they’re pre-recorded or live. This is the best way for you and your employees to learn how to use the solution to its greatest potential. Live engaging trainings can save you time when onboarding new employees or training existing employees on new information. If your learning solution provider is willing and able to train new users, this takes a responsibility off your shoulders and ensures a consistent learning experience.


Are any of these three statements about your current LMS true? If so, it’s time to make a change. Choose an e-learning option that goes beyond the limits of a traditional LMS. A solution like BenchPrep offers the customization, ease of use, and support that you need to get the highest return on your investment in training.

Choosing the right learning solution can be a challenge for your company. Sign up for a free demo to find out how BenchPrep stacks up against traditional LMS options.