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Taking Traditional Learning Methods to the Next Level

As organizations take the leap in migrating their training or learning programs from instructor-led to online, they often face the difficult decision of how to make the transition. The question of whether to allocate budget and resources to develop in-house technology (build) or to outsource the work (buy) to a partner who can package, deliver, and manage content for online users is common.

While the process might seem daunting from a 30,000 foot view, finding the right partner with the proper resources to lead you through a digital transformation is key to evaluating your options and to meeting the needs of today’s learners.  

BenchPrep works with organizations to help improve their learning experiences, solving these common challenges with an enterprise SaaS platform.    

Delivering an effective omni-channel experience:  

Learners today demand 24/7 access to content that is available when and where they need it, eliminating any barriers to their learning goals.  While access is important, delivery is also crucial. Bite-sized or gamified content that can be absorbed and completed in a certain time frame ensures a learner can set expectations on how to best manage their time to complete course sections.  For example, digital flashcards can be an efficient way to study on the go in between classes, meetings, or during a commute.

Leveraging actionable user data:

Understanding how practical user data can play a factor in driving the success of an online course is critical.  Measuring user engagement, observing strengths and weaknesses, and accessing enrollment and completion reports provides impactful business insights on whether or not the content is well-aligned to learner needs.  Information about how users are interacting with digital features such as games, flashcards, and other engagement drivers, can also help dictate future decisions on how to create and deliver new content.

Developing a balanced blended learning strategy:  

Understanding what content is most effective in a digital format is increasingly important for both educational and corporate training settings as flipped learning gains momentum.  Live instructor-led learning is still an important and viable way to teach many of skills needed in today’s workforce, including face-to-face interaction, emotional reaction, effective communication, and other soft skills, but knowing where instructors can provide video lessons, recorded webinars, and step-by-step instructional material outside of the classroom can ultimately save time, money, and other resources.  

Turning to BenchPrep to help lead digital transformation

As an established publisher in the market, McGraw-Hill Education faced many of the challenges listed above as the world went digital.  McGraw-Hill Education realized a drastic need to reassess the digital delivery option of their content to stay current and relevant in a market that was quickly moving away from traditional learning methods. They chose to work with BenchPrep to digitize their learning product and meet their evolving needs.  Comforted by the fact that BenchPrep would align with their mission to accelerate learning through science and innovation, they leveraged the digital learning platform to build a cross-platform approach, putting them in a position to differentiate themselves from market competitors.

Read the case study to learn how McGraw-Hill Education and BenchPrep worked together to develop cross-platform course offerings and see how long it took them to increase their user base by 81%, in addition to other benefits they have seen as a result of the digital learning platform.  

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