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Lessons Learned from Building an Enterprise SaaS Platform Blog Feature

Lessons Learned from Building an Enterprise SaaS Platform

As organizations feel the pressure to adopt emerging technologies to become more agile in an ever-changing market, the process for evaluating digital solutions is undeniably complex. In fact, the average enterprise business uses a whopping 91 marketing cloud services and an average of 90 cloud services for HR. This doesn’t count additional cloud services for collaboration, finance, social, CRM, and an ongoing list of other business functions. From implementation, to scalability, to security, keeping track of all this data can be a cause for concern.

Properly evaluating your options for either building or buying the right technology platform can have a major impact on the resources needed to efficiently maintain and leverage software to its fullest capacity.  

Straight from the source: BenchPrep COO and co-founder, Ujjwal Gupta, on how to best evaluate enterprise software

In a world of open-source development and 99-cent consumer apps, it can be difficult to understand the value and benefits that enterprise-level software offers.  Based on his first-hand experience of founding BenchPrep and taking its product from a consumer app initially to enterprise-level technology now, COO Ujjwal Gupta lends some helpful advice on how to evaluate the complex enterprise software market and the advantages to doing it the right way.  Today BenchPrep is quickly establishing itself as a market leader in the e-learning industry, but that success didn’t come without some tough lessons learned along the way.  

Read Ujjwal’s full article, Why Is It So Hard to Develop Successful Enterprise SaaS Software.

To learn more about BenchPrep’s story and their path to building a successful platform, you can also check out Ujjwal’s exclusive podcast interview with Mixergy.  

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