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BenchPrep Named an Innovator in the 2020 Aragon Research Globe for Corporate Learning Report Blog Feature

BenchPrep Named an Innovator in the 2020 Aragon Research Globe for Corporate Learning Report

We’re excited to announce that BenchPrep has been named an Innovator in the Aragon Research Globe for Corporate Learning, 2020.  We believe this achievement reflects our ability to serve a diverse customer base (Over 6 million learners in the for-profit, higher ed, association, certification body, and internal training spaces), by helping to boost learner morale, reduce dropout rates, and focus on mastery based knowledge. 

Key takeaways for the future of eLearning include:

  • Corporate learning can no longer rely solely on internal Learning & Development (L&D), rather they need to create personalized learning pathways by using both custom and third-party content.
  • Microlearning and video learning will become more important.
  • Mastery-based learning, including a focus on certifications, is necessary for key jobs.

Aragon’s Evaluation Criteria

This report examined 18 major learning providers, evaluating them across two axes: performance and strategy. Aragon Research divided corporate learning vendors into four categories. Innovators have a clear strategy and understanding of the market. Leaders have a comprehensive strategy aligned with the industry. Contenders perform well but need to expand their strategic focus. Finally, Specialists perform well in one vertical, but not across the whole learning market. 

As an Innovator, BenchPrep empowers learning organizations to become great by focusing on learner outcomes and offering an engaging experience that elevates your learning business.

How the BenchPrep Approach Fits a Post-Pandemic World 

This report highlighted the need for training programs to shift from physical to digital training solutions to navigate the challenges of remote work. Even if they’re working from home, enterprises still need to upskill their workforces if they want to win in the era of digital disruption. 

In the post-pandemic workforce, the biggest challenge for L&D still remainsHow do you get the right content to the right people? 

BenchPrep meets this challenge with two key pedagogical approaches:

  1. Mastery-based learningBenchPrep's platform adapts to learners' strengths and weaknesses to help them reach proficiency. They can also monitor their own strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to focus on the areas where studying will make the most difference. 
  2. Job-specific Learning PathsEnterprises need both custom and off-the-shelf training to create high-performance teams. With BenchPrep, you can create custom-designed courses or certifications to track job-specific skills. We understand that high stakes learners require more than cookie-cutter courses to succeedthey need customized courses that fit the learners’ needs and achieve your business goals. 

Corporate learning isn’t just moving to masteryIt’s moving to a learning journey. 

Here are a few ways BenchPrep creates powerful learning journeys:

  • MicrolearningAll BenchPrep products break down content into easily consumable modules. With BenchPrep Engage, our microlearning product, you can push daily questions to learners via their mobile devices. This form of microlearning will combat the forgetting curve and keep your learners sharp. By getting your learners into a daily learning habit, you’ll also be able to proactively push out any skills they might need to brush up. 
  • Personalized Learning PathwaysBenchPrep Ascend generates a personalized learning pathway for each learner. Then, it dynamically updates the learner’s personal dashboard to keep them on track. Even better, BenchPrep dashboards can be modified to fit different learning styles. 
  • Instructional DesignEnterprises need a robust instructional design strategy to upskill their workforces. BenchPrep has an instructional design team available to help you develop the curriculum that will drive your business goals. We also offer a DIY content management system. The choice is up to you, but we’ll support you no matter what. 

Want to learn more about why BenchPrep was selected as a top Innovator in Learning Solutions by Aragon Research? Download the  Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning, 2020 Analyst Report. Download Now 


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