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5 Things You Need to Know About the Modern Learner

The evolution of digital technology has created a new world of learning and, as a result, the expectations and needs of today's learners has changed. Only by understanding the needs of modern learners will you be able to help them succeed. Here are five things you need to know about the modern learner:

1. They are distracted

With millions of apps, websites, and videos available, workers are interrupted as frequently as every five minutes. It's no wonder that today's learners are extremely distracted. The average adult has an attention span of 20 minutes. It is imperative that your learning program be engaging your learners every step of the way.

2. They want everything delivered on-demand - including learning

We live in a world where anything you want can be delivered straight to you. In need of a new lap-top? Use Apple's delivery service and be browsing the web within two hours. Or maybe you're sick and in desperate need of some chicken noodle soup. Use Instacart to have it delivered within the hour. Learning is no different. Today's learners want to be able to learn when they want, where they want. 

3. They are often remote and untethered

Flexible and remote work is no longer viewed as a "desirable perk", but instead has become the new normal for today's professionals. According to Bersin by Deloitte's popular infographic, "Meet the Modern Learner", 70% of full-time employees do most of their work remotely. Learners need to be able to access their learning program from a variety of sources whether it be from their work computer or on their mobile phone. 

4. They are more empowered to learn than ever

While learners are more overwhelmed than ever, they are also more empowered to learn than ever. As the half-life of many professional skills decreases, learners are looking to replace and stay on top of their skill-sets in whatever way possible. 62% of IT professionals reported having paid for training out of their own pockets.

5. They are collaborative and crave social learning

As learners seek out professional development opportunities, they are also developing and accessing their personal and professional networks to obtain information about their industries and professions. According to BenchPrep data, the average discussion participant is 15% more active in their learning program than a non-discussion participant. Learners also engage in the material more deeply when they were allowed the opportunity to discuss the content with others in their program.


Keeping these characteristics in mind, it's important that your organization is providing a learning program that caters to these needs and expectations. Want to learn more about the modern learner? Download our infographic for the full picture.

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