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3 Reasons Why an LTI Compliant LMS Matters Blog Feature

3 Reasons Why an LTI Compliant LMS Matters

Are you worried that no one’s using those cool, new courses you purchased? And, if they do, who’s tracking their progress? 

Everyone knows that if it doesn’t go back to the learning management system then no one’s actually paid attention. And, with an ever-increasing number of learning and development tools in an organization’s technology stack, it’s difficult to keep all of the learner’s data in one place. Now those learning tools that promised to improve outcomes remain underutilized. 

But wouldn’t it be great for learner engagement if they had the complete picture?

Now, they can with an  LTI 1.3 Advantage certified elearning platform. For your users, the seamless integration makes it feel like your in-house L&D team made the course. And, the best part, it’s easy to track. 

At BenchPrep, we believe that products should put the learner first. That’s why BenchPrep’s only 1 of 8 learning platforms on the market to offer you an LTI Advantage Certified Complete learning tool that can integrate directly into your existing learning management system. 

With LTI Advantage, you can link any cool learning tools directly to your learning management system portal. The learning management system still does what it does best – group learners, deliver their personalized coursework, and track their progress—but now all the learning tools are seamlessly integrated.

Even though new learning platforms help learners, they also bring privacy concerns. Organizations increasingly worry about leaking their learners’ personally identifiable information. With LTI Advantage, you don’t need to worry because its modernized security system ensures personal data remains secure and private.

Beyond security, LTI Advantage also has three distinct improved extensions that you can turn on and off depending on your organizational needs:


Remember your clunky, non-learning tools interoperability system? Remember how difficult it was to direct your learner to an application outside of your learning management system? Sometimes the links worked; sometimes they worked at home, but not in class; sometimes they worked on instructor devices, but not on learner devices. Instead of improving learning outcomes, it often caused a tech headache. 

Deep linking improves the learners’ (and instructors’) experiences by allowing them to access external learning platforms as easily as internal ones. Bonus: It’s a win-win—users get a more enjoyable experience and it’s less work for your IT team (and, fingers crossed, everyone complains less).


Have you ever had the task of adding a group of learners arduously name-by-name into your chosen learning tool?

An LTI tool can do it for you. It can securely receive established groups from your elearning platform. Participants can also contact each other without sharing contact information with LTI Advantage.

The monitoring system in this extension displays learners’ tool usage for instructors and organizations. Since Glimpse K-12 found 67% of software licenses went unused, it’s important to monitor what tools learners actually find useful. With these usage reports, your organization can stop wasting money on any software subscription services barely used by the learners and focus on the ones that truly improve learning outcomes. 


Marking has always been a less than enviable task for instructors. Plus, students get annoyed waiting for their results. Wouldn’t it be great if an elearning tool could do it for you? Many can, but without being integrated with the learning management system these results often end up being unused by learners and instructors. 

LTI Advantage pulls grades from any third party tool into one central location of your choosing, such as an learning management system gradebook. This function gives a complete picture of the learner’s progress because it shows every learning task completed by the learner.

Do you want to improve learner engagement? Would you like a better way to track your learners? Are you concerned about security? Or, are you wondering if they’re actually using all those subscriptions you’ve purchased? LTI Advantage can do all of this and more. 

Having trouble finding the right elearning program for you? Check out our Learning Management System Comparison Guide to find out how traditional learning management system software solutions compare to BenchPrep. 

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