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Elevate Everyone’s Potential Starting With Equality [Anti-Racism Educational Resources] Blog Feature

Elevate Everyone’s Potential Starting With Equality [Anti-Racism Educational Resources]

At BenchPrep, we believe education has the power to change the world. Often for us, this power manifests in professional learning. But it’s also about personal learning, and now more than ever, there is a great deal of societal learning (and unlearning) that we must take on together.

Our company vision is to “Elevate Everyone’s Potential,” and that starts with equality. We stand with the people, our colleagues, and the movement speaking out against racial injustice in our society. We are committed to reflection and working toward positive change, and we believe it starts with education.

To that end, below is a growing list of resources BenchPrep employees are learning from in our collective commitment to be better.

This is just the beginning.

Black Lives Matter: Antiracist eBook Reads - Chicago Public Library

Black Lives Matter: Ways to Help

Black Lives Matter: Places to Donate

Anti-Racism Resources

A Detailed List for Anti-Racism Resources

An Essential Reading Guide For Fighting Racism 

How do we teach our children anti-racism? These resources will help 

How to Support the Struggle Against Police Brutality 

How to Support BLM Protesters in Every City

Take Action: A List of Ways You Can Stand In Solidarity with the Black Community

eLearning Learning