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3 Ways to Support Your L&D Team to Drive Learning Program Success

Learning and development (L&D) teams juggle multiple objectives as they seek to find a balance between organizational goals and learners’ needs. Yet a successful L&D team can enable both an organization’s goals and employee development. Thus, supporting L&D teams can ultimately streamline goals.  

Here are three things you can do to better support your L&D team. 

Monitor success & give feedback

In order to know what's working well with L&D, you must be able to track metrics. With learning management software (LMS) you can easily monitor metrics like: 

  • Training sessions completed
  • Individual team's specific progress
  • Overall views, and popularity of content
  • Popular courses
  • Courses that employees watch more than once 

These metrics make it easy to know what’s working and what’s not working and allows your L&D team to be agile and adaptive because they know baseline metrics. Data can ultimately prove to leadership teams how important L&D is, and metrics allow you to measure the success of certain programs and initiatives.

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Implement multiple learning techniques

Encouraging your L&D team to support multiple learning techniques can have a big impact on employees’ success in programs. Everyone learns differently, and the online environment is no different. Sharing multiple content mediums such as text, video, and audio content can support different learning styles, and with data, you can track what type of content performs best. 

Another way to keep employees engaged is to implement microlearning and gamification into L&D programs. Microlearning is when you break up content and learning objectives into digestible chunks. This allows learners to feel successful along the way because they get to accomplish objectives in steps. Gamification is when you create incentives and game-like qualities to learning objectives. Creating content for different learning styles and implementing different learning techniques has been shown to be a successful way to improve the adoption and completion of L&D programs by employees. 



Adopt an LMS that can support your L&D team

In order to track metrics successfully and implement different learning styles in a low-lift way for L&D teams, you need an LMS system that supports these functions. Adopting an LMS can be helpful for L&D teams. But not every LMS is the same, be sure to check for LMS systems that are low-lift in training, and implementation. 

At BenchPrep, our LMS supports L&D teams to be data-driven, with our easily accessible data metrics. We also have multiple options for learning methods and learning styles. 

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By implementing these three techniques your L&D team can focus on what they do best: creating a virtuous cycle for your employees, teams, and company to learn and achieve goals. 

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