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Meet Learners Where They Are With a Robust Mobile Learning Experience

Offering a complete mobile experience to your learners is essential.  People spend more time on their mobile phones or tablets than sitting at desktop or laptop computers, and about 20% of millennials don’t use desktop computers at all, choosing mobile devices instead

A strong mobile platform encourages your learners to tackle studying when they have time. With the average American spending 5 hours a day on their mobile phone, nearly half of organizations are already incorporating mobile learning into their programs.

To support an optimal mobile learning experience, we recently gave the mobile version of BenchPrep Ascend a face lift. The details of the new features can be found below, as well as our continued plans for leveraging learners’ attention spans on mobile devices in the future.

Learners can take and review notes while in Lessons and Practice Questions:

In-app note taking is a convenient way for learners to keep track of key information or areas for improvement, similar to writing in the margins of a book or on a sticky note. Learners can review a list of all their notes and then modify or delete them as needed. Notes are always visible across all user devices no matter where they were taken, allowing for a seamless experience.


Learners can use Bookmarks in Lessons and Practice Questions:

Similar to taking notes, adding a Bookmark is a great way to mark something important for later reference or review. This tool is instantly familiar to any learner and has value when consuming content in short bursts.


We added support for connected Practice Questions:

Connections eliminate flipping through potentially dozens or hundreds of pages to find an explanation to a question. With connected lessons and questions, learners can immediately test or remediate their knowledge, opening the door for instant application and success.


Learners can search content:

The search feature gives users the ability to search for a specific phrase or word within a course without having to go through each individual module. This saves users time and energy while learning.


Learners can access their curricula from anywhere:

Instructors can craft and deliver a customized eLearning curriculum to learners for guidance through a specific learning pathway. Users can now view these curricula as part of their mobile experience.


Additional features coming soon

BenchPrep will continue improving our mobile experience through the rest of the year and into 2021 (and beyond!). Here is a sneak peak on some of the additional features we are adding soon:

Flashcard Lists: Allows learners to view a complete list of all of their Flashcards, which is helpful for reviewing formulas, abbreviations, and key takeaways.

Calculator: Built-in calculator so users don’t need to leave the application to complete calculations.

Highlighting: Allows learners to highlight content within a lesson for quick reference.

In addition, we are also developing a more robust offline mode for mobile, which will allow learners to access all course content and take actions while not connected to the internet. Not only will this make it easier for learners to study on-the-go, it also opens up access to the platform in areas that may have limited or underserved internet connections.

If you want to learn more about building a complete learning platform with a mobile component, check out this blog post.