Embracing Lifelong Learning: Inside BenchPrep's Continuous Education Initiative Blog Feature

Embracing Lifelong Learning: Inside BenchPrep's Continuous Education Initiative

Julie Gurican is the Vice President of People at BenchPrep, where she has dedicated over 5 years to the company. In her role, Julie leads BenchPrep's People function, overseeing hiring and employer branding, learning and development, talent planning, culture, engagement and retention, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as performance management and total rewards initiatives.

When BenchPrep defined its 2024 business goals and prioritized its commitment to the continuous education sector, I was excited for the chance to mirror our People Strategy knowing our team’s deep-seated passion for learning. 

This year, we launched our very own continuous education initiative, which embodies our commitment to fostering an environment where continuous learning and professional development thrive among our own team, just as we advocate for it among our clients. In 2024, BenchPrep and its People are dedicated to cultivating a culture of continuous education that grows in tandem with what we help our partners with every single day.

Aligning with Our Core Values

Our Continuous Education initiative is a natural extension of our core values, particularly  “put people first” and “never stop learning.”  Our people come first at BenchPrep, and we know that statistics show that people who are learning and growing are more likely to be engaged and stay with their companies. Our learning initiative reflects not only our mission and vision but also our strategic business goals as we expand into Continuous Education.Embracing Lifelong Learning_Inside BenchPreps Continuous Education Initiative_inline - learningA Holistic Learning Experience

When thinking about the makeup of our program, we considered our people’s own goals and ambitions as well as what additional knowledge will empower them to be more successful in their current roles.  As such, our approach includes individual skills development, leadership enhancement, broadening our industry knowledge, and sharpening our platform expertise.  

Individual Skills Development

One of the cornerstones of our program is individual skills development. In today's competitive market landscape, where innovation is the norm and disruption is constant, prioritizing skill-building isn't just advantageous—it's imperative for staying relevant and resilient amidst rapid change. We know that each BenchPrepper possesses unique talents and aspirations that deserve to be nurtured. We're encouraging every team member to set a personal skills goal for the year.

After just two weeks, we collected 50 unique skills goals from our teammates.  Whether it's mastering a programming language, refining leadership abilities, or honing project management skills, their goals and associated learning plans will help support them in their development goals.  Embracing Lifelong Learning_Inside BenchPreps Continuous Education Initiative_inline - skills goal

Leadership Development

We know that great teams are built on strong leadership, which is why leadership development is a central point of our initiative. Through workshops, learning sessions, and mentorship opportunities, we're empowering our team members to step into leadership roles with confidence and competence.

Industry & Market Learning

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, staying abreast of industry trends and market insights is essential.  We're committed to bringing our people more learning opportunities from the outside world. By deepening our understanding of the markets we serve and the needs of our customers, we can better position ourselves for success.

Platform Knowledge

Last but not least, we're doubling down on our dedication to our platform knowledge. With our new internal learning course on our own platform, we aim to certify every  BenchPrepper on our platform by June 30, 2024. This not only enhances our collective expertise but also reinforces our dedication to delivering best-in-class solutions to our customers.Embracing Lifelong Learning_Inside BenchPreps Continuous Education Initiative_inline - market insightsBuilding Success Together

With our Continuous Education initiative, we're not just investing in our team's professional growth, but also refining our understanding and capabilities to better serve our clients. I can't wait to see what each of us will accomplish this year! It's truly an honor to be part of a company where learning and growth aren't just buzzwords, but integral parts of our day-to-day culture and business model.

If you're interested in learning how BenchPrep can enhance your organization's continuing education efforts and support your professionals throughout their lifelong learning journey, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive solutions. Visit us to see how we can transform your approach to continuing education and drive success across your organization.

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