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Blog Feature

3 Tips to Create a Profitable Tech Business Model

January 23rd, 2020

We are honored to have Sphere Software feature our CTO, Nickolay Schwarz, in a recent interview. Nickolay has been with BenchPrep since it's inception, and during his time here he's played a critical role in helping BenchPrep become the company it is today. During the interview, Nickolay shed light on three tips that led to BenchPrep's success as a profitable tech business.

Blog Feature

Lessons Learned from Building an Enterprise SaaS Platform

July 24th, 2018

As organizations feel the pressure to adopt emerging technologies to become more agile in an ever-changing market, the process for evaluating digital solutions is undeniably complex. In fact, the average enterprise business uses a whopping 91 marketing cloud services and an average of 90 cloud services for HR. This doesn’t count additional cloud services for collaboration, finance, social, CRM, and an ongoing list of other business functions. From implementation, to scalability, to security, keeping track of all this data can be a cause for concern.

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